5 Simple Car Maintenance Tasks You Can Complete in Less Time!
Any 4 wheel 12 October,2023 , 12:56 pm

5 Simple Car Maintenance Tasks You Can Complete in Less Time!


WeScrapCar, who believes that every second counts, has put together these car maintenance tips to help make car maintenance that little bit easier, leaving you with more free time to enjoy the things you love. We all lead busy lives, and after a long day of school runs, working, and commuting, it can seem like the last thing you would want to do.

Examine And Top Off Your Engine Oil for Car Maintenance!

It's crucial to regularly ensure that your engine oil is at the proper level. To do this, just pop your car's hood, remove the dipstick, and check the oil level. Make sure your automobile is flatly parked, that the engine is cool, or that it has been off for at least ten minutes.

Check out our detailed instructions for checking and replacing your engine oil here.

The Pressure In Your Tires, And Top It Off!

It's likely that many of us are guilty of not checking this as regularly as we ought to. Make sure your tires are inflated to the proper pressure because under-inflated tires may result in a 20% increase in fuel usage.

Your vehicle's owner's manual, a card inside the doorframe, beneath the hood, or close to the fuel cap are all good places to look for your tire pressure guide. Additionally, it's a good idea to check the pressure of your spare tire.

Replenish Washer Fluid!

All year long, it's critical to keep the washer fluid levels topped off. While road grit can make your windscreen a little messy when you're driving in the winter, pollen and road dust can be more likely to bake onto your windscreen in the summer. To save time, you can purchase pre-mixed washer fluid rather than combining concentrate and water.

Sanitize Your Vents!

Have you ever noticed how much dust collects in your car's air vents? Keep a little paintbrush nearby and use it once a week to remove dust from the vents; it only takes a few seconds and will help your car smell better (even if it is stuffed with toys, shoes, coats, and cups).

Say It's Over!

It may sound alarming but bear with us. Can you recall the last time you had all the fluids in your automobile changed? Nope, neither. For that reason, we advise using a chalk marker to jot down the date that you topped off or changed each of your reservoirs. It will make scheduling car maintenance a little bit simpler by assisting you in keeping track of what you would need to refill and when.

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What will I receive in comparison to wrecking my car?

Numerous factors might have an impact on how much an automobile is worth as trash. This encompasses the demand and seasonality of the scrap metal market as well as the recoverable auto parts.

Before determining how much an automobile is worth, companies that acquire trash cars will analyze at least certain fundamental factors. For instance, some car buyers will likely offer a lower scrap value than a huge one because it has less useful metal. Additionally, depending on how far away the nearest port is from the buyer, higher overhead costs could reduce the value of your car.

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Why may I think about junking my car?

There are several reasons to think about scrapping your car. The most frequent ones are having mechanical issues with your automobile, having an accident that caused damage, and being unable to afford repairs. If you decide to buy a newer, more dependable car, you'll be in a great position if you have the money in your bank.

What paperwork do I need to dispose of my car?

At the appointment, you must provide the following documentation in order to sell your damaged car to WeScrapCar.com:

  • Service background and MOT report
  • Original photo identification (passport or license)
  • Proof of residence that is recent (9-month) in date
  • Letter of financial settlement, if applicable

We've produced a guide for the paperwork you need to scrap your automobile if you're still unsure and would like to learn more.

Will my car be discarded?

WeScrapCar.com can buy any car, even those that you're considering selling cars for scrap. What will happen to your automobile once it has been sold? May be a concern if you are planning to scrap your car but prefer to sell it to us instead for a more easy approach.

All of our vehicles are sold at auction, some of which may be bought by dealers in scrap metal. You'd be astonished at how many automobiles may be given a new lease even if you believe your car is ready for the scrap yard!