Can You Still Sell Your Car If You Lost the Keys?
Any 4 wheel 26 September,2023 , 11:14 am

Can You Still Sell Your Car If You Lost the Keys?


Yes, you can still sell your car without the keys, but the majority of purchasers could request that you first get a new set. The typical car key is straightforward and mechanical. If you misplace it, you can get a new key made right away by calling a locksmith.

However, if your car is an import or decades old, a locksmith might not be able to help. A new ignition lock cylinder and key may be required. This may cost you in addition to towing fees depending on the make and model of your car.

It's more complicated if your automobile has a transponder or smart key. If you don't have a spare key, you'll need to have your automobile towed to the dealer so you may buy a key while presenting documentation proving your ownership.

You'll need to wait a few days while they order the key if it's not in stock. The replacement computer chip will then need to be electrically matched with your car by the dealer. A replacement transponder key will cost more, while a smart key will cost more, not including towing fees.

Finding a scrap car buyer like WeScrapCar that will purchase junk automobiles from you in cash with no title, no keys, and no trouble is the best way to avoid all of this.

How Much Money Can I Get for Junking a Car?

You now know how to scrap a car without a title and you want to get rid of your car. The second concern for the majority of car owners is how much money they will receive. Let's solve the problem. 

You should try to sell your old car but still functional car to a private buyer. By doing this, you can sell it for more money than if you just threw it out. However, if you do want to send it to the scrap yard, its worth will depend on a number of things:

Condition. Is the vehicle severely or completely damaged? Are any pieces still functional? Your car will be worth more if there are any parts that can be utilized again.

Model. Certain automotive model-specific parts can be in high demand. The scraper can make more money if he decides to sell the working parts of your car in the future. Therefore, he will also pay more for your old car.

Age. Of course, parts for more recent vehicles are more in demand than those for vehicles from a few decades ago. However, the value can be higher if you're scrapping a broken-down vehicle that has no functional parts. The reason for this is that scrapers are more interested in the plastic details found on new cars rather than the metal ones.

Weight. If you wish to sell a car without a title, the more metal the automobile has, the more money you will receive for it. The heavier the car, the more metal it has. On the scrap market, small, lightweight cars are not expensive.

According to the car and its salvageable pieces, trash cars can typically be sold for anywhere from a few hundred and a few thousand bucks. A junk car costs roughly per ton on average. A passenger car typically weighs 1.5 to 2 tons. However, keep in mind that scrap rates can differ from state to state when getting rid of a car that has no title.

What To Do If A Junkyard Won't Buy Your Car Without The Title?

A title serves as evidence that you are the rightful owner of the vehicle and that it was not stolen. Because of this, junkyards won't take vehicles with lost titles. They can avoid potential legal issues in the future this way.

Due to this, not all junkyards are prepared to make such a deal, even in states where you do not need to present a title in order to scrap your automobile. If you have damaged or lost your title, how do you escape this predicament? The simplest solution is to phone your preferred salvage yard and inquire, "Do you need the title to scrap a car?"

You can attempt to regain the title if you are still unsuccessful in selling a trash car without one. In this situation, you should first see if you can get a duplicate title for your car by contacting the DMV in your state. The length of time required and the cost you will incur vary from state to state. In some states, you can also apply for a title online or by mail, and you'll receive it in the mail as well.


It can be an eyesore to have a junky car, one that will cost more to fix than you have, or an abandoned vehicle on your property. You may still sell it legally even if you never had the title for it or if it has long since vanished or been lost. Hopefully, now that you are more knowledgeable about titles, you will also know how to sell a junk car without a title or keys.

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