How to Sell Your Car for Cash Online When It No Longer Runs?
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How to Sell Your Car for Cash Online When It No Longer Runs?


We are aware of how challenging and time-consuming it can be to sell your car for cash online. To sell your automobile, you must first clean it out and take attractive images of it before registering with car marketplaces.

After that, you'll have to deal with the hassle of uploading the photos, scheduling the viewings, and completing incredibly difficult forms. Only to have a buyer come along who wants to pay you too little or who cancels at the last minute. Tragic, yes? Absolutely.

We are aware of how frustrating this can be, but we have the perfect fix for all your car-related issues. With your convenience and ease in mind, WeScrapCar has made the process of selling used cars or all different kinds of cars - whether they are running or not - so quick and simple.

We take great pride in making you a fair offer for your car, even if it is no longer drivable. We're happy to inform you that we do, in response to your query concerning who purchases non-operational vehicles.

This is how it goes:

  • Give us some information: First, fill out our form and tell us about your ride. We won't require many details before we are ready. When you're finished, you'll immediately receive an offer. We need the information you provided to speed up the valuation of your car, which is why we asked for it.
  • Taking up the opportunity Unhappy with the offer? There is absolutely no pressure. In case you decide to change your mind, the deal is still valid. If the offer is ideal for you, we proceed and agree upon a time for pick-up.
  • You don't have to worry about bringing the car to us; towing is free. We'll tow it away at no additional cost and come to you. When you've determined a time that works for you, we'll travel to wherever you are. We would only do a brief examination and complete the necessary papers.
  • What's best? You are compensated right away. There are neither hidden fees nor tales. We strive to make our procedures as clear, comfortable, and time-efficient as feasible.
  • So why keep waiting? With WeScrapCar, get your offer right away.

Disclose To The Buyers The Documentation!

You must provide all documents for the vehicle in addition to the car's specifics.

  • Include information in the notification regarding any fines, taxes, and whether an inspection was conducted.
  • Gather all the repair and upkeep documentation, if any exist.
  • Always make a reservation in front of other people.
  • Obtain a copy of the bill of sale, which must include the vehicle's VIN, a description of the vehicle, the purchase price, the date of the transaction, and the names and signatures of the buyer and the seller.
  • To ensure your safety, make arrangements with the buyer to have them thoroughly inspect the car in a public setting.

You are now fully informed on how to sell your car first. We hope that these pointers will be useful to you when you sell your car for the first time. Check out the various automobiles for sale in the UAE if you're selling your car to get a new one. In addition to second-hand cars, you may purchase auto parts and license plates in the UAE.

How to Sell Your Car for Cash Online? | Scrap Yards and Junk Yards!

If you sell your car to a junkyard, they will purchase it from you and disassemble it. They then take these components and have them sold again to individuals or auto repair facilities. A junkyard, like other buyers, will be considering how to turn a profit. If they believe they can't do so with your automobile, they will either make you an incredibly low offer or decide not to buy it at all.

Even though you won't make much money from junkyards, you might get lucky and locate one that will tow your automobile off of you for no charge. Another option is to sell your car for scrap to a scrap yard. Because scrap yards are primarily interested in the scrap metal from your car, the price will be determined by how much your car weighs in tons.

If your automobile is an older model, this should net you a respectable compensation. Additionally, keep in mind that you'll need to know what your car is constructed up of in order to deal with scrap yards. It will typically be made of steel.

You must then research the costs per scrap metal. You must account for the processing costs the scrap yard will probably charge you as well as the expense of towing your car there.

If you don't have much left over after all of these deductions, don't be shocked.


What documents do I need in the United Arab Emirates to sell my car?

An original Emirate ID, current auto insurance, a UAE driving license, a car testing certificate, and a passport photocopy are required. Prior to advertising it, make sure all fees and payments are paid.

How do I buy or sell a car online?

Anyone interested in selling new and old automobiles online can sign up on used car websites, take some decent photos, describe the vehicle in detail, and set reasonable prices.

May I apply a sale sign sticker to the window of the vehicle to sell my car?

Advertising, promotional materials, and stickers indicating an item is for sale are all prohibited in the UAE. As a result, the car can be impounded for a while.

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