How to Sell Your Car for Scrap in Dubai?
Scrap Car 21 March,2023 , 02:50 pm

How to Sell Your Car for Scrap in Dubai?


Even during the pandemic, when many people have lost their jobs or are barely able to make ends meet, people still need vehicles. Some people might only be able to afford a used car that is 4 or 5 years old but still in working condition.

How to Sell your Car For Scrap for Cash?

Here are some tips to sell your car in Dubai with a lot of mileage. First, choose an acceptable pricing range. You may get a general indication of the price range that dealers are likely to offer you through the We Scrap Car used car valuation service. This is not the retail price, but the wholesale or trade-in price. To find out what others are charging, you may also go through listings for used automobiles that are similar to yours or your own.

Afterward, decide if you want to try selling your car in Dubai by yourself or sell it as quickly as possible to a dealer. Get quotations from at least two dealers to help you decide whether to move forward with a private sale or just take the money and run.

Sell Your Car to a Dealer or Sell It Yourself?

Although scrap cars are often the least profitable for the seller, dealers are the most sensible option. New-car dealers will interests in older, high-mileage automobiles as good candidates for resale at a wholesale auction.

Since there are costs involves in purchasing a vehicle and then selling it at auction, used car dealers or scrap car buyers frequently make you an offer that is lower than the price they expect to sell the vehicle for. (Because, after all, they are in business to make money.)

We Scrap Car, a chain of used car dealers in Dubai is another option. The price that we will offer to you will be up for consideration for seven days. However, we buy used cars for cash rather than as a public service, thus prices will probably be close to wholesale.

You will surely earn more money if you opt to sell your car by yourself,

  • It will require more work. You might be fortunate and find used car buyers in Dubai straight away.
  • You could also spend weeks following up on leads that don’t result in anything.
  • Scheduling meetings with people who don’t show up, or only accepting offers that are absurdly low.

Get Ready to Sell Your Car for Scrap in Dubai!

Before selling your car online, thoroughly clean it, take lots of pictures, and write up a thorough description of the car’s features, much like used-car sellers would. Buyers are more likely to ignore online advertisements with only two images and a brief description than those with several images and in-depth descriptions.

Pick the next issue that has to be repaired. Every older used car needs some parts fixed or replaced, so don’t go overboard with the repairs or replacements. Choosing to spend some money on mechanical repairs for a car that might fetch good scrap car value at auction is a matter of judgment.

Scrap Car Inspection!

If the car is in good mechanical condition, pay attention to the basics. If the horn, headlights, brake lights, turn signals, and other crucial safety components are in working order. Even though the majority of used car dealers in Dubai won’t expect a 12-year-old car to be in perfect condition. They also won’t want one that is likely to fail a state vehicle inspection or be stopped by the police for safety violations.

If you’re selling your car to a dealer, minor repairs or aesthetic touch-ups probably won’t matter. They aren’t buying your car for their own use. They know exactly how to buy and sell second-hand cars. It’s merely a business transaction based on the age, mileage, condition, and market value of a car.

Negotiate with Scrap Car Buyers!

Be sincere. Even when selling scrap cars online “as is,” lying about the history of accidents or mechanical problems is unethical. Because a car buyer might catch you in the act. Even if you get away with it. Think about how you would feel if you were the victim of something similar.

Be flexible with your finances too. Your scrap car might be priceless in your eyes, but it’s just a used car with difficulties for other people.

Just as you’re striving to get top cash for scrap cars they’re trying to save money by negotiating a lower price.

Online price comparisons and dealer specials could be useful in setting realistic expectations in this case. If you were hoping to find out the value of your car, you may do it today.


How old car can be used in UAE?

Any UAE citizen who owns a vehicle that is less than ten years old may import it. The Road and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai, for example, will require specific permissions for vehicles that are older than that.

Can I sell my car with expired registration in UAE?

A car cannot transferres to a buyer without getting a current car certificate. The RTA test has a 120 AED charge. The certificate is only valid for 30 days and cannot be used after that time.

Can I sell a car without a visa in UAE?

The seller must deliver the Mulkiya and Emirates ID (vehicle registration card). Along with the resident visa and, in the event of a car loan, the final loan payment confirmation, the seller is also required to produce a copy of the original passport.