I want to sell my Crash Car – Here’s How?
Scrap Car 21 March,2023 , 01:58 pm

I want to sell my Crash Car – Here’s How?


Having a wrecked car is not enjoyable that’s why I want to sell my crash car as soon as possible. We are aware of that. This kind of circumstance never arises at a convenient time. Sometimes they can't be avoided (like a tree falling on your car).

Thankfully, we will buy your junk cars. We have handled damaged vehicles in practically every situation imaginable. We are professional crash car buyers in UAE who can guide you to the quickest and finest method of selling a damaged car for cash.

What Steps Involved when I Want to Sell My Crash Car?

It couldn't be simpler to sell your car to We Scrap Car for parts; the process only requires a few simple steps.

Type in Your Vehicle's Details!

As best you can, describe your car. We will want precise details regarding the state, location, and mileage of your vehicle. In less than 30 minutes, the majority of automobiles get an instant offer.

Please Accept My Scrap Cash Offer!

You will be required to give access to the car, a signed title, and the keys as the owner. We can help you release the title if a lien holder holds onto it.

Pay Up and Arrange for Pickup!

To pick up your vehicle, We Scrap Car collaborates with a network of partners around the country. When you accept our offer, we can often pick up your car 24 to 48 hours later.

With our service, you won't have to spend weeks haggling with your neighborhood junkyards, as we are aware. Start started by requesting a quote from We Scrap Car!

Your Vehicle Has Been Damaged — What’s Next?

What should you do now that your car has been damaged or crashed? Unluckily, your car was involved in an accident. You are currently in a predicament where you are unsure of what to do next.

Step 1: Determine How Serious the Damage Is?

To get the most accurate idea of what you should do next, assess the damage to your car. Finding out the amount of the damage will assist you in making decisions on your next steps because not all damage will render your car incapable of running.

Step 2: Establish the Logistics of an Insurance Company!

Contact your insurance provider as soon as you have a firm understanding of the nature of the damage to your car. They'll assist you in determining whether or not the vehicle is totaled and the precise amount of your compensation.

Step #3: Calculate Your Equity!

Either positive equity or negative equity is possible. The second scenario occurs when the cost of repairing your car exceeds the balance of your outstanding auto loan.

Although at first glance this could appear to be a bad situation, we might be able to assist you in such circumstances. You can sell your crashed car without any market hassle at We Scrap Car. We will purchase the vehicle if our offer is more than the balance you owe on it. Consider the following case:

I Want to Sell My Crash Car With Body Damage!

Can a vehicle with body damage be sold? It's perfectly fine to sell your car even if it has a few dings and dents or has some body damage. It's always better to have minor repairs made before putting your car up for sale. In this manner, you may increase the resale value of your car when it is eventually bought.

Take the time to assess the condition of your car with body damage before deciding to sell it. Get the tires rotated or perhaps replaced, inspect the engine, and note the mileage. You can take a lot of steps to ensure that your damaged car can be sold quickly.

How Much Does Vehicle Value Suffer From Body Damage?

The severity of the damage will determine how it affects your car's worth. Slight body damage can reduce the value of your car by 10%–15%, whilst more serious damage might result in a value loss of 75%–80%.

Where Can You Get Cash For a Crash Car?

Junkyards, dealerships, and privately used car buyers are the most typical places to sell a damaged car and receive a cash offer. Depending on how quickly you want to sell your car. How much money you want to make, and how much hassle you're ready to put up with, each of these possibilities is interesting in buying a damaged car and has benefits and cons.


Selling a crash car to a junkyard is a popular choice when looking for places that buy dented cars close to where you live. Vehicles of almost any condition are accepted. They buy them rapidly, but they make money by buying cheap and reselling the functional components.


Any dealership will buy your trash car if it is accepted "as is." Dealerships, however, rarely accept cash in exchange for junk cars. The provided funds are probably credit that can be used to purchase a different vehicle from them.

They also focus on roadworthy vehicles, therefore they are likely to undervalue a junk vehicle that is not operable.

Private Buyers:

Private buyers are not subject to any price or condition restrictions. Someone will want your model if it is well-liked and in high demand. Finding such a person, though, maybe a huge bother; the most frustrating parts of the procedure include screening serious prospects and haggling.