Should I Sell My Car or Scrap It?
Scrap Car 12 June,2023 , 07:45 am

Should I Sell My Car or Scrap It?


Should I sell my car or scrap it?" We can assist you if you need assistance finding a buyer for your car. Or if you're still unsure of how much to ask for it. We can also assist you if you need to rubbish your car. After reading this article, you now understand the response to the query.

We can assist you with any step of this process at WeScrapCar because we are automotive professionals. We also pay cash for junk cars. Get an offer on your car in less than 30 minutes.

How To Sell My Car Or Scrap It?

Your scrap car selling depends significantly on the local marketplaces. Finding nearby customers can be challenging. Making sure they are sincere could be harder. You can locate a junkyard or scrap car buyer nearby by using reliable online resources.

You still have options if a scrapyard won't take your car or truck. The internet's strength allows you to find online buyers for your old car or truck. After you complete their short form, some businesses, like WeScrapCar, will give you estimates for your car.

You can arrange to drop off your car and pick up your cash after contacting a junkyard or getting an internet estimate.

Ask About Towing Fees!

Is towing part of the cost? Be sure to inquire if your car is not operable. Towing your car to a junkyard on your own could significantly reduce your earnings.

Try your best to bargain a price that will cover towing if the junkyard doesn't provide it for free. For instance, if the junkyard estimates that towing the automobile will cost, request an additional payment for your car to cover the towing expense.

A Clean Car Is a Happy Car!

Clean up your vehicle before putting it up for sale. A lot inside and outside. Clean any interior surfaces by wiping them down or vacuuming the interior. Regardless of whether you intend to keep them, take all personal possessions with you. Remove any trash, wrappers, or other litter.

Even though you're selling your car for scrap, the buyer will notice how it looks. Visit a carwash or wash the outside yourself. Keep a close eye on the wheels, windows, and windshield. Make everything sparkly as can be!

A Title is A Must!

You'll struggle to establish your ownership of the car without a title. For the sale, the majority of junkyards and internet retailers want a car title.

If you don't have the vehicle title, a mechanic's lien or storage lien may be used to demonstrate ownership. To demonstrate ownership of the vehicle, you could additionally display proof of insurance or your state registration.

A VIN Helps!

Have your vehicle's VIN on hand while looking up internet choices for junk car rates. A VIN, or vehicle identifying number, reveals the location and date of your car's manufacturer. A VIN can also be used to research auto history.

A VIN helps purchasers of trash cars in learning more about your car. Giving it will enable you to obtain a more precise estimate than if you simply looked up the average price paid for scrap automobiles.

Find Reliable Scrap Car Prices!

There are several junkyards and car buyers in existence. Check out WeScrapCar to make sure you're doing business with reliable buyers. We can direct you to the local junkyard that is most convenient for you. Using our convenient estimation tool, we're also pleased to provide you with an online estimate for your automobile or truck.

For a quick offer, call us or use our scrap car value estimator. We provide affordable pricing for scrap cars. We can help you sell your junker (or reasonably-running vehicle) for cash right away!

Why Choose Us?

Every team member is prepared to handle this process because of the years of cumulative expertise they have. They are aware of what to watch out for at each stage and will let you know if anything requires your attention. There is no difficulty on your part because we handle all the paperwork ourselves.

The speed at which we conduct business with those in need sets us apart from similar businesses. We are able to complete transactions quickly and provide you with the money you may require in an emergency. Additionally, if you prefer to sell us your automobile, it will be recycled sustainably, so there is no need to feel bad.


Selling a damaged car doesn't need to be a difficult procedure. Although losing a car is always terrible, you can make the situation better by getting your money back. It's a simple, trouble-free method of getting rid of malfunctioning vehicles and advancing to bigger and better things.

For additional information, visit our website or give us a call. Fill out our form for a free quote any time, and we'll be pleased to help.