Which Car Parts Are Too Expensive? Sell Your Car Instead!
Damaged Car 09 May,2023 , 09:25 am

Which Car Parts Are Too Expensive? Sell Your Car Instead!


A damaged car may be very expensive to fix. But with us, you can sell your car and receive cash for your car in just 24 to 48 hours! Sometimes the cost of auto parts for car repairs is greater than the worth of the vehicle. So what do you do?

When considering whether the value of your car merits repairing it or selling it as-is, you need to be aware of what components are "deal-breakers." Here are some most expensive automotive parts that could break or become worn out on your vehicle. It could be time to look at alternative possibilities if your go-to technician believes one of these is past repair.

Fuel Injectors Price! Sell Your Car As Is!

Your combustible engine receives the prescribed amount of fuel from the injectors. If they aren't functioning properly, fuel leaks are oversupplied, and burn up, producing foul exhaust.

You likely have 4, 6, or 8 depending on the size of your engine. For your benefit, they rarely leave all at once. However, you can anticipate 2-4 at once, with a price tag. Or another option that can save you from hassle is to sell your car for cash.

Replacing an Air Conditioning Compressor!

The summers can be extremely hot whether you live in the United Arab Emirates or many other locations in between. It is not possible to live without an air conditioner. In order to cool your car, the AC Compressor separates air under high and low pressure.

Timing Belt Cost!

Your engine's timing belt is in charge of maintaining its beat. Without it, the moving parts would run into each other, damage, and break, increasing the cost of fixing the car.

Fuel Pump Repair Cost!

The fuel is delivered to the injector by the fuel pump under the proper pressure. You'll pay for any damage caused by negligent driving or maintenance practices.

Brake Line Repair Cost! Sell Your Car With Damaged Brake Line!

All of us have watched those suspenseful or action films where someone has their brake line severed. It invariably has a disappointing conclusion. Your mechanic may encourage you to replace rather than fix it for your safety because you cannot stop your automobile without a fully working brake line. As a result, you'll have to pay for a brake line replacement rather than a brake line repair.

Catalytic Converter Price!

Through a chemical reaction, this automotive component transforms dangerous by-products that your car creates into safe ones. If it is necessary to update your registration, you most likely won't pass it if yours isn't operating properly. The price to replace a catalytic converter is quite considerable.

Head Gasket Repair!

Your car "blows a gasket" when it leaks coolant, oil, and smoke into the atmosphere. If you like to be able to see in front of you, driving on a blown tire is definitely not an option. Although the part isn't particularly expensive, the labor costs more than make up for it because it's so difficult to replace.

You are looking at roughly cost unless you are courageous and want to do it yourself (not advised). You can sell your damaged car with the help of WeScrapCar if its head gasket is damaged.

Camshaft Price! Sell Your Car with Faulty Camshaft Price!

If you don't replace your oil frequently and get it cleaned sometimes, it will build up with dirt and debris and lose its ability to efficiently suck air from the outside into the engine, which will make it impossible for it to run.

This auto component is crucial to everything. Receiving a lung transplant may be connected to replacement. It requires a lot of labor, therefore that's another factor that will drain your bank account.

Engine Control Unit!

You've probably heard auto mechanics complain about how difficult it is to fix cars these days because they have so many computer components. One of the parts for cars is this. There isn't much you can do but replace it when it goes "kaput."


You don't realize how important an auto part is until it's gone. Driving your automobile without suspension would be similar to driving a go-kart on a dirt road. Everything would be felt by you.

And you would be thrown around repeatedly, just like bumper cars at the county fair. Please fasten your seatbelt. And before we inform you that getting a new one could cost you, please take a seat.

Air Bags!

When an airbag deploys during a minor collision, most people are astonished to learn how much it will cost to get it fixed again. When you see the price of replacing an airbag, you'll frequently wish your automobile was a total loss.

Diesel Particulate Filter!

You didn't really believe that we would allow those of you with diesel engines off the hook, did you? To aid in lowering emissions, the majority of diesel engines incorporate. However, it will cost you to save the environment.


Your automobile cannot turn if the transmission is not working, which is a pretty complicated system. You really need to get it checked out unless you just ever go straight to work, the grocery store, or the golf course and don't care whether you can turn around to drive home.

It may be possible to get a few more miles out of it by having it repaired occasionally, but replacing it or making significant repairs will cost you much.

Hybrid Car Battery!

The last thing you were considering when you purchased your new hybrid was having to dig out money in 10–15 years to repair the battery. But this is what it will cost you if you don't stop trying to make the world a better place. Please arrange for the correct disposal of your battery, which will cost money.

Engine and Cylinders!

Even if you have no experience with automobiles, you can still understand how serious this is when your engine blows. You are the owner of the heaviest paperweight till it is repaired. WeScrapCar provides you with an opportunity to sell your broken-down car for cash in just 30 minutes without having any market hassle.

When you can get a nice "new" car for approximately the same price, it rarely makes sense to replace or rebuild the engine. It will be considerably better than the one you have, even if you buy an old one. Selling a car with a blown engine is desirable in this situation.