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Selling a Junk Car: FYI & FAQ

How To Scrap A Car for Cash in UAE


We buy junk cars that are damaged, wrecked and non-running. Our WE Scrap Car service is quick and easy. We pay cash for junk cars in any physical condition. If you are wondering where to get cash for my car, then you have found it. The process involved in paying you for scrap cars is much easier than you may realize.

The condition of the vehicle is of little concern when getting cash for wrecked cars. Get fast damaged car removal and scrap vehicle hauling service by calling us today! If needing damaged vehicle removal services, simply give us a call. We are standing by to get you paid fast for cars in any type of condition. Our Scrap car buying team will provide you a junk car quote right over the phone.

Complimentary scrap vehicle removal is available in our quoted price reflecting the value of a scrap car. We will provide you money for a junk car and pick it up today. Those of us who pay money for a scrap car can tell you about the value of your junk vehicle. We are people that buy Scrap or Damage cars, it’s as simple as that. Those seeking cash for a used car are advised to contact We Scrap car ASAP!

  1. We buy them all: junk cars and wrecked cars alike. Our junk car hauler is on the way!
  2. Call us for a junk car quote today and have that piece of Scrap hauled away!
  3. We will handle the Damaged vehicle removal of your car in a timely manner.
  4. We Scrap Car for cash with same-day pickup usually available. We buy junk cars in UAE including Dubai Sharjah and Abu Dhabi quickly and the towing is included.
  5. As a local, dedicated ‘Scrap my car’ service provider — we give you a price over the phone.

You have found them right here! We are a UAE-based scrap and junk car buyers. Call us today @ 055 7 22 77 00..

Yes. We provide you a price for your car, truck, van or SUV right over the phone. Complimentary vehicle towing and removal is included in the damaged car quote.

Typically we need a couple hours of advance notice to pick up your old vehicle. For same-day service we recommend contacting us before 1PM during the week “cash for cars” pick up can always be scheduled.

We are among many local service providers. We Scrap Car is a great option since we are a local scrap vehicle buyer, offer fast-service and are committed to eco-friendly recycling practices. Components are either resold “as-is” to benefit vehicles that are still on the road, or remanufactured into “like-new” aftermarket components. The many metals and fluids contained in the car are ultimately recycled to allow for new material manufacturing.

Yes. We are located in Dubai and are proud to be a “green” operation serving..

Weather your vehicle is still running or stopped working, we buy any car in any condition including good running cars, end-of-life vehicles, which are predominately non-running, damaged or wrecked.

Those needing scrap car removal must be sure to bring car registration card (Golden Car Details Card) and photo ID.

There are several factors that influence the amount of cash you can receive. The age of the vehicle is a factor since the demand for used components is strongest for models that are still on the road currently. For example, there is higher demand for components from a 2016 model vehicle than there would be for a 2009 model . The size of the vehicle is another factor since there is a higher volume of scrap metals present such as steel, aluminum, copper etc…

Yes we buy any car however seller has to pay the delay fees or fines registered on his/her name. Do you sell used auto parts? No we don’t sell any parts.

You are absolutely right, unlike other companies, we do not charge anything against you car collection no matter how difficult removal is, we still don’t charge however we pay you for your unwanted car.

Of course! All we need is your approval and our skillful drivers will take care of this problem.

Yes! We’ve seen all kinds of cars and, trust us, it cannot be that bad, we will collect it even though it will take a little longer. We haven’t met the uncollectable car yet!

Yes, we work during weekends, or late in the evenings, when you finish work.

We cover all of the UAE

No, if you give us the keys and documentation, we can do the rest.

You can remove the license plates from your car and return them to the RTA or we will dispose of them for you provided they are Dubai plates. For cars registered in other Emirates you must do it yourself or accompany our team who can help you through the process.

We will provide you money for a used vehicle and pick it up today. Those looking for money for a scrap car are advised to contact our scrap car buying team ASAP. Don’t leave that old ride sitting there—get paid from a wrecked car buyer for your vehicle. Are you wondering where to obtain money for a junk car from car buyers? Are you wondering where to receive cash for junk car scrap? Our scrap vehicle buying team will provide you money for a junk scrap car and even pick it up free for you.

Top common terms used in junk car removal & auto recycling:

Abandoned car:

A vehicle that has been stationary or “left behind” by the owner. Many of these are left on the street and retrieved by the local municipality. A common problem for landlords, whose tenants may leave a non-running car behind during a move.

Auto recycling of junk cars:

The process by which a motor vehicle that is no longer serviceable is recycled and disposed of.

Buyer of junk cars:

Many of these individuals or outfits include scrap yards, used component recyclers or auto crusher or shredder facilities.

Buy used cars for scrap:

This is a service performed by an auto recycler or scrapper who buys unwanted vehicles and recycles them.

Cash for scrap vehicles:

When a car, truck, van or SUV has reached “the end of the life” and is no longer serviceable, an individual or company will pay a price to remove it.

Cash for scrap vehicles:

When a car, truck, van or SUV has reached “the end of the life” and is no longer serviceable, an individual or company will pay a price to remove it.

Cash for cars:

The process where an old vehicle is sold to a junk or salvage facility or buyer, typically paid in cash. The requirements in UAE are possession of the vehicle title.

Damaged car removal:

Refers to the method of which a scrap vehicle is transported, typically via towing by a scrap car hauler.

End-Of-Life vehicle:

A car, truck, van or SUV that the owner has determined to salvage or scrap.

RTA or Adnoc failed Vehicle:

A car which is no more road worthy as per the transport authority health test report.

Junk car

Also known as a scrap car is a vehicle that is extensively damaged or needs repairs that are greater than its value..

Free Towing:

The majority of junk car buyers and COD car buyers will include free regional pickup of the car as a complimentary service included in a junk car quote. This is usually conducted using a tow truck, vehicle with car trailer or flatbed vehicle.

Scrap car quote

The anticipated amount that a scrap vehicle buyer will pay you for a motor vehicle that is either non-running, damaged or unwanted for some reason.

Non-running vehicle:

A car that is unable to function.

Quote for a scrap car:

The price given to the seller of a junk vehicle; it may be over the phone or in-person.

Sell junk car:

The process of relinquishing ownership of a vehicle to a buyer of scrap cars or “cash for cars” firm.

Scrap a car for cash:

An expression for a vehicle owner’s decision to sell an old, likely inoperable vehicle.

Scrap yards that buy cars:

Automotive recycling and scrapping providers in the business of disposing of junk cars. They may offering towing, also referred to as junk car wrecking service as well.

Value of a scrap car:

The amount of money a seller can receive for “scrapping a car” or “junking a car”. The value can vary considering the model and age of the car.

Selling a scrap car:

The process of signing over the title (ownership) of an end-of-life-vehicle to a recycler.

Totaled car:

Term that is equivalent to what an auto insurance company refers to as “a total loss”. Usually these are severely damaged in a collision and are in a condition that is too costly to consider repairing.