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Privacy Policy

We Scrap Cars take care of all your information and never share this information with anyone without your permission. This security system explains the complete insurance process and how that relates to the law that protects you.

Who We Are?

In this privacy policy, we have clearly described how We Scrap Cars gathered your personal information and for what purpose we use this information. It includes all the data that you give us as a record like an email, contact details, and other activities you have done on our site.


The controller and responsible party for your personal data are We Scrap Car (through and through suggested as We Scrap Car, we, us or our in this security technique). If you have any demands regarding this protection system, including any sales to perform your legal rights, please get in touch with us through the steps mentioned below, assuming no one minds


In the event that no one cares, please get in touch with us at any time using the methods listed below if you have any requests or additional information regarding this security procedure.

  • - Email Address:
  • - Contact Number: +971 55 72 2770
  • - Area: Office 203, Barsha 1, Gargash Maktab bldg. Dubai
You can reach out to us whenever you have a concern about data security, and we will do our best to address it on our website.

Changes in Your Information

It is important to our security strategy that we stay up to date with the latest information since we regularly review it. It would be better to let us know upfront if you intended to modify any private information.

Third-Party Links

By enabling those associations or clicking on those connections, this site may include third-party connections that enable third parties to gather or share information about you. These inaccessible places are not within our control, and we are not obliged by their guarantee promises. We ask you to check the security measures of any website you visit as soon as you leave our site.

What Sort of Data Do We Collect?

We gather any information about you that allows us to identify you, which is referred to as your recognized information. We gather the following categories of data, which are listed below:

  • - Your ID: (client name, first name, last name, date of birth, gender, and other)
  • - Contact information: (email, address, contact, postal area)
  • - Installment information: (bank card details and other installment details)
  • - Transaction information: (These details will disclose the facts about the transaction you carried out with us and our businesses to everyone.)
  • - Profile Information: Information about your profile includes your interests, preferences, and reviews you have left on our site.
  • - Technical details: your IP address, operating system, type of browser, and information on other methods you may have accessed this site.
Every action you do when using our site, including where you click and which administrations you use. We also gather representation that hides your identification in a similar way. This data can be used to identify a certain section of our website that receives a lot of traffic. We never force you to disclose unusual information about your personal information. That includes your gender identity, political opinions, philosophical beliefs, and other factors. You would not be able to access all or parts of our site if you could not provide us with your personal information.

Methods to Collect Your Personal Information

We use a variety of techniques to collect your information, such as

    1. Data Iteration
  • By filling out the form on our website, contacting us by email, phone, or directly in our region, you can provide us with direct information. The information you provide while requesting our services or applying for them is included in this individual data.
  • 2. Collecting Data Automatically
  • We typically compile technical data about your hardware operations and patterns as you interact with our site. To collect your data and information, we use cookies, server logs, and a variety of other methods. We will save your information if you visit another website and click on one of our links that is attached to that website.
  • 3. In What Way Do We Use Your Personal Data
  • We handle your personal data in a wide range of situations. However, we will request your permission before sending you emails or instant messages that contain direct marketing communications from other parties. In cases where we are unsure, we do not rely on the agreement as a legal justification for managing your personal data. By contacting us, you can choose to remove your permission to be featured at any time.

Purpose of Using Your Personal Data

We maintain our relationship with you using your personal information, and we also tell you of changes to our security protocol using your contact information, profile, and character. To benefit more from our systems assistance and to examine your own data. To present you with a promotion that is appropriate for you and based on your needs. Your information is also used to improve the value of our website and to provide services with a focus on client relationships. We use your information to share some ideas with you about services that can be beneficial for you.

Based on your Personality, Contact, Specialized, Use, and Profile Information, we could estimate what you would require or need to find interesting. This is how we choose the deals, services, and things that might be significant to you (we call this advertising). You will receive an advertising message from us if you have used information from us, purchased goods or services from us, or selected not to receive them.

Reject Marketing Mails

We make an effort to provide you choices with your personal information is used, especially when it comes to displaying and marketing. You can ask us to stop sending you marketing mail at any time, whether it comes from us or someone else. You are in a position to demand that they stop sending you pointless messages without your permission.


Although you may check in your browser whether to allow the site to access your cookies in order to collect your information or not. A few parts of this website may become difficult to access or may not function properly if the cookie policy is ignored. Your data will never be recycled or used without your consent.

Data Security

We generally keep your data security in mind and take precautions to prevent others from stealing it. We limit access to your data so that it would not be lost or used by any individuals who are not authorized by the agents, experts, or strangers who require your data. Your personal information will only be used privately with our permission.

How Long We Will Use Your Data?

We will use your information as long as it is used for valid reasons or when a relevant opportunity comes up. We make your data unusual for research reasons and use it for a period of time that is genuinely crucial. As a result, it stops being personal, and you may look at your real opportunities to understand how you can handle your data. We consider the quantity, type, and responsiveness of individual data, the expected risk of harm from unauthorized use or disclaimer of your personal information, the reasons we process your data and whether those reasons can be achieved through other means, as well as the relevant legal, assessment, bookkeeping, and other requirements when determining the appropriate support time period for individual data.

Your Legal Rights

You can advance toward a few permissions by following a few data security policies:

  • - You might be interested in getting access to your own data and getting a copy of the data we currently have.
  • - Additionally, if there are any errors in your data, you can be motivated to make corrections. Even if we sometimes stay up with the latest however recognize that there are any solutions needed, you might be interested in addressing them.
  • - Even if its possible that we would not have the option to immediately agree with your request, you can always ask us to delete or destroy your data.
  • You have the right to challenge whatever we say.
  • - You have the right to object to any attempt we make to use your personal information for explicit marketing purposes.