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Terms and Conditions

We Scrap Car is a popular marketplace for selling vehicles where you can exchange your car in any condition. Additionally, you were unable to think of anything better than taking advantage of the benefits of selling your car to us. Without any issues, we assist our clients in selling their vehicles. You can better understand how and when you can use this platform by reading these terms and conditions. This includes any services that you have access to and can reserve on this website. You agree to these terms and conditions if you use these services in the future.

It would be wiser for you to carefully review these terms and conditions before you decide to accept them, especially if you plan to use our services. You will have a clearer understanding of how we provide these services to you after reading these terms and conditions. What should you do in the case of a problem, and what other important information?

Information about us and how to contact us

You can reach us at any time by calling +971 55 72 2770 or sending an email to info@wescrapcar.com We can get in touch with you using the email address or address you give us on our website.

Platform usage

What are the purposes of our business and the logic behind our website? This website offers free evaluation and valuation services in exchange for your assistance in selling your used car. To put your mind at ease, we never offer towing services for anything. We do not notice any sense of obligation for your automobile commitment during your vehicle inspection. Our specialist will examine your vehicle from inside and remotely.

We Scrap Car completes our development on the site and offers free explanations to its customers whenever they post a request. We collaborate with them using a free review, a quick cash payment, or a straight bank transfer. We provide a free assessment and feel a sense of duty with the evaluation.

If you do not accept these terms and conditions, you would not move toward this website. Use it exclusively for yourself and do not, under any circumstances, use it as part of another justification.

We make an honest effort to make this site accessible to you, and we take steps to guarantee its availability. We Scrap Car has the right to update the site completely, a few sections, or even just a single page without notifying you. There could be a few reasons for it, such as a problem with accessing the site or a need to address the usefulness of our website. We alter the sites functionality, security measures, or both in light of legal considerations.

As we finish the game plan, there is no explanation. The place where you have to pay to enter. Through our website, you can take advantage of our web-based services and receive a free evaluation faster than you expected. At this point, you must be careful and complete the information. Additionally, our qualified examiners will remotely and internally inspect your car from every perspective.

You must make your car accessible where it was shown to be at the time of booking and at the scheduled time. After 30 minutes of testing, clients will receive a moment installment. When speaking with our specialists, you should do it fast and come up with strategies right away. If we did not plan to catch up with you, its possible that our experts are involved; in that case, we will let you know as soon as an opportunity arises. Since we currently have a testing facility at your location, a registration number is not necessary.

Car selling

You can request a specific day or time to finalize controlling conversation after a web-based booking is made. Depending on your honesty, you may decide if our experts will do the task by the given date or if you can do it yourself. If for any reason, we are unable to provide our services at the scheduled time, we will promptly contact you and inform you of the rescheduled day and time. You have the option to cancel the plan before receiving the portion without paying any fees if you decide that it is not working for you.

Finalize the deal

After thoroughly inspecting your car, our experts will give you a detailed report on it that includes any damages, surrenders, or other problems. All things considered, the assessment report is simply to determine the vehicles prosperity, which is recorded in our records to perform the valuation. After thoroughly inspecting your car, professionals will determine its true value as determined by the dealership. You receive a valuation report that details the cost of your car at the average selling price. Close the deal and sell your car straight away if you find the valuation report to be reasonable. Customers are not charged for our agents visit to view vehicles, so clients are free to change their plans at any time.

Problems during dealing

If you feel there is a problem with what you are offering, you can consult our professionals at any time to assess it. You should really get in touch with us immediately at the number listed on our website. In the case of a problem, our professionals will concentrate on your request and respond to you pretty fast. If you feel unsatisfied with the services at the time of overseeing, you can contact with our experts in the field, who will assist you resolve your disagreement peacefully.

Payment method

We promise that the inspection report we provide will increase the specific value of your car. The arrangements for the review are free to register. Towing is our response, and we do not charge the customer anything. You can choose between direct bank transfer and cash payment options from us based on what is most convenient for you. At the time of selling a vehicle, we never charge extra for a survey, valuation, or other documentation.

Responsibility for loss and damage suffered by you

If you receive a better offer from another source when selling your car to We Scrap Car, you are not permitted to return the higher offer. You would not divert different customers away from this website or suggest different places to them. Any event that arises as a result of your break is your responsibility. You will be responsible for paying for any damage you make to our property. Additionally, it would be annoying to see any damage while inspecting your car in a rainy atmosphere.

Restrictions and Trade Mark ownership

You are not permitted to copy, modify, give, sell, exchange, or rent. Move, perform, or publicly display any changes to the services without our permission. All of the content, logos, association names, brand names, and other irrelevant information on the site are either our own or the property of our advertising partners. Without our made approval, you are not permitted to use any brand names, representations, or logos.

Use of your personal information

We have made it quite clear how we want to utilize your personal data as well as how we compile this data. Our security system has a huge amount of information.

Other terms and conditions

Except for you and us, no one has any obligation to this terms and conditions policy, and no one else has the right to modify it. This agreement may be modified or transferred to another party, but we will notify you in advance if we do so. If you anticipate that any rule will declare that any aspect of this comprehension is in violation of the rule, other focuses will continue to have full force and effect.